Aerial Drone Photography & Videography

As of August 29th, 2016 it is now FEDERAL LAW to hold a part 107 Remote Pilot Certification via the FAA to operate drones commercially!
Arizona Listing Media was the FIRST to test and pass Monday August 29th at 9AM!
We offer the highest quality Aerial Video and Photography!
Passion, Quality and most of all, Safety is provided to our clients!

Aerial Photography

Capture and create an awe and overall feel for community that your clients are purchasing into! Showcase the outlying area and views that your new listing provides the potential homeowners. Mountains, Golf Courses, Landmarks all help create the individuality a community brings to the local property market.

ALP 2-01.jpg


Arizona Listing Media is an FAA 14 CFR Part 107 Licensed company. We abide by and operate under any FAA statutes. Calibration, Location Recon and Airspace Research is performed BEFORE each flight to ensure the highest standards of safety are given to our clients and those around us.

Aerial Videography

Our knowledge and artistry of Videography fuses and molds with the alluring rhythm of Aerial Motion to create simply the HIGHEST QUALITY marketing materials available today. Simply put Arizona Listing Media is the top tiered company offering you Aerial Video services.

Want more? Please see more of our aerial video examples below.

Additional Aerial Videography

Aerial Panorama's

Showcase an entire community in ONE tastefully composited image! Community, location, property is all combined to entertain the viewers visual experience. This is a phenomenal add-on to any aerial package.