Arizona Listing Media Terms & Conditions


Listings represented AS IS:

Retouching of images is performed for location accuracy. Arizona Listing Media will not retouch in a misleading way for the home being listed. This includes down to removing dead grass, adding grass or other items that are not present, changing colors of items, redacting items, etc. A listing should be 100% "ready to go" by the time the photographer arrives on site. It is the responsibility of the listing agent and the homeowner to communicate and collaborate on when the residence will be at its peak potential for marketing presentation. A preparation list is provided for realtors via Arizona Listing Media, it is the realtors responsibility to ensure the client carries out the duties necessary to ready a property for the photography or video services.


Inclement weather:



Days forecasted to be above 115 will not have any scheduled sessions for that day. Any day that exceeds 105 degrees will not be available for UAS/Drone services. This is simply due to safety concerns of UAS motor failure due to overheating.


Monsoons, Dust Storms, Lightning, Etc:

Monsoons are seasonal in Arizona and through the months of June to August preparations should be made and rescheduling should be expected, especially for the later afternoon sessions. No rescheduling fee will be charged to the client and the opportunity for the next available session will be offered to the realtor/client. Should a monsoon/dust storm occur the night before the session it is the responsibility of the realtor & homeowner to ensure the property is photo ready by the time the photographer arrives on site or reschedule the session for a later time. A minimum of 4 hours notice before the time of the scheduled session is required or the client will be charged the full amount of the session.

 If the agent chooses to pursue the session anyways they accept the outcome of the photos and hold no liability on the photographer. The photographer is not responsible for "photoshopping" or "retouching", "editing" the provided photography due to the inclement weather. Photography will be provided AS IS.


Lack of preparation:

Clients who book a session and have a property that is not photography ready upon the scheduled time will have their property photographed in partial until it is time for the photographer to leave for the next session. A charge will be billed to client for the full amount of the selected session services, regardless of completion of the session. The deliverable media that is fit for marketing the property will still be given to the client. If the client desires to have the original services finished they will be required to schedule a re-shoot at the original price of the session. 



Payment is due upon the booking of a session. If a session is broken into two separate shoots the full amount will be charged upon the initial booking. A $30 "Return Trip" fee will be added for twilight sessions that are separated into multiple photo sessions. If a payment is not made upon immediate booking of the session the realtor has a 72 hour period to fulfill the invoice. Payment is required within the 72 hour period or no appointment will be scheduled. A specified, requested, desired time for an appointment will be listed as available up until the moment the invoice is paid/fulfilled.



Arizona Listing Media provides a fully curated product. No RAW imagery, RAW video or unprocessed work(s) will ever be provided to the client, even upon client request. All photography is sized for MLS entry. Additional High-res files will be provided for a $75 fee. Video is delivered in 2 parts, Branded and Non-Branded formats. The video will be uploaded to Vimeo. URL's and Embed codes will be provided to the client for MLS, Website and Email Campaign entry. The physical file for the BRANDED video will be uploaded to the clients Dropbox file for Facebook & social media uploads. At no point may the client EVER cut, rearrange, edit, give or sell provided materials, video or photography to any outside source or individual. To do so is in violation of federal copyright law and legal action will be taken. Realtors are not to provide the homeowner, architect, builder, contractors or any outside individual/business the photography or video product. This opens up an opportunity for the homeowner to cancel your contract and take the photos/video to another agent.


Re Shoots:

Reshoots are provided for 50% of the original session cost. A reshoot fee is not availabe for the Matterport scans. The agent must pay the full scan price.

Any works provided by Arizona Listing Media that are published are required to retain attribution in the form of "Photo by: Arizona Listing Media" or "Photography by Arizona Listing Media". Please notify us if you have work being published.


Matterport Scans are taken of the property in as is condition upon arrival of the photographer. It is the agents/clients responsibility to have the property in their desired showing condition. No re-shoots will be provided. If the agent wants a re-scan of the property a full scan fee will again be required at the original cost. Discounts are not offered unless a special is running per advertising online. Alterations cannot be made to the property once it is scanned. Desired way-points must be expressed upon the time of ordering on the order form. Any listing lasting longer than 1 year will incur a hosting fee upon the year anniversary.