Sell your community!

Sell your community!

In this day and age of real estate it's not only the listing that sells itself but a significant factor is the overall locale. Nearby entertainment, work commute, parks, dining and schools all play a significant factor in selling any type of residence. The need for photography of communities is rapidly rising and Arizona Listing Pros is answering that call!

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Bring on the Heat! Arizona Listing Pros Welcomes Summer 2016!

Arizona Listing Pros
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June 2016 Newsletter

By: Stephen Miller

Check out some of the photography for June's newest listings!

Cities Serviced this Month:
Phoenix    ||    Anthem    ||    New River
Tramonto/Carefree    ||    Surprise    ||    Goodyear
Ahwatukee    ||    Mesa    ||    Scottsdale
Glendale    ||    Peoria    ||    Queen Creek

It's officially SUMMER!

This Weeks Forecast

This Weeks Forecast

Summer is here and I am sure by now you all know how hot it is! Please make sure to hydrate! Offer clients a cold water bottle and sunscreen when showing homes. I found a great extra large lunchbox available in the camping section at my local walmart for only $8.00. It will easily hold 6-8 water bottles inside with external zippers for snacks. I simply freeze a couple and let the others stay cold. An umbrella is also a cost effective way to keep the sun from beating down on you during the day. These are a few tips I use myself while photographing during the summer months. I personally favor my extra large shaker cup that is 1/3 of a gallon. I drink 3 a day and I know for a fact I am hydrated(purchased at GNC). Stay safe out there my friends I hope you enjoy some great summer barbecues and pool parties!

- Stephen, Owner
Arizona Listing Pros

As some of you know I recently visited Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado for my annual Father, Son Photography/Hiking Trip. There is always a plethora of photographic opportunities when visiting these locations and I always enjoy sharing them with my friends and family.

Photograph #1
The first photograph is Sprague Lake at sunset. I chose to use the logs here as leading lines, drawing the viewer into the photograph where mountains meet the sunset! You're looking at the continental divide. These very mountains determine whether a drop of water will end up in the Atlantic or Pacific ocean. This specific lake will drain into the Atlantic as it is East of the divide.

Photograph #2
This photograph is taken at a partially frozen Bear Lake. Nestled in the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park, Bear Lake offers the ultimate tranquil experience for visitors. Photographed is the infamous "Keyboard of the Winds." Here low lying clouds caress the mountains that are the tallest in Rocky Mountain National Park, one of the being the infamous "Longs Peak" towering at a glorious 14,259 feet! I plan on conquering this mountain in 2017. Wish me luck!