Real Estate Photography

Arizona Listing Media takes great pride on our highest quality photography. Each photograph is created to accurately reflect the location 100%. Each monitor we use is color calibrated so colors of the listing are true to the location. Photographs are all delivered within 24 hours. The file requires an email address and all the pictures can be extracted with utmost ease in High Resolution 300 dpi. I then provide an electronic invoice via email that is payable via credit card. Payment is due within 72 hours of the listing being completed. The images provided may be used for MLS Listing, your agencies website, your agencies social media and blog. You may use the images for published advertisements for your agency alone. Images are NOT to be passed outside of your agency or business to second hand sources. Arizona Listing Media still retains the copyright to the images taken.

Twilight Photography

Twilight Photography Sessions are a great way to showcase the exterior features of a home during sunset! Exterior lighting, Scenic Landscapes, Water Features or Pools/Spas are all huge factors in selling a gorgeous property. A twilight session will absolutely raise the bar on your listing and get you under contract that much faster.

Home Video Walk-Through

A Home Video Walk-Through is an essential and artistic way to showcase any property! Imagine having an open house 24/7 available for potential clients to see. Tying together cinematic motion while portraying emotion to the potential buying via artistically chosen music. Our videos are always delivered in 2 versions, both branded and non-branded format to ensure MLS compliance. An agent intro or drone aerial video can also be added to your Home Video Walk-Through for an additional fee. Video is absolutely taking the market by storm and is projected to become over 80% of the advertising market in the next few years.